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formerly, the Evergreen Spina Bifida Association

Elizabeth Scriven with KC the kitten

Growing up with a disability
is not always easy!

By Elizabeth Scriven

Especially in those teenage years, I remember! I’m suggesting forming a new Mentoring Group within SBAWS with the goal of connecting teens with SB ages 13 and over with adults who have SB in an informal mentoring group. We would do group activities on a quarterly basis and would hopefully be able to link teens and adults who live in the same area together to make getting together on a regular basis easy.

Adults would be responsible for sharing their experiences, answering questions from the teen, and being a positive, healthy role model. Teens would be able to ask questions about life, have fun with someone else in a chair, and hopefully learn that they are not the only ones with SB and that they are whole, complete, and valued individuals just the way they are!  

If you have questions, comments or would like to get involved please contact me, Elizabeth Scriven, by phone or email:  425.280.3168,


The group will hopefully start coming together soon with our first activity in early 2010..