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SBAWS Services and Programs
We offer emotional support for everyone affected by Spina Bifida, including meetings at numerous local “Cluster” support groups throughout the state.
Our newsletter “The Evergreen” details local SBAWS activities, provides news on medical, therapeutic, rehabilitative advances, recreational and legislative issues.
Our website www.sbaws.org and our toll free contact number 1-888-289-3702
Social events for children, teens and adults to gather, have fun and share their life experiences.
New Parents Packets to help parents learn about
Spina Bifida and to help manage their child’s health
care needs.
Educational scholarships may be awarded for
educational purposes.
Access to national’s “Insights” magazine and
to other current information on Spina Bifida.
A limited “Equipment Fund” to assist people with
mobility devices, medical supplies and other
necessary items not covered by insurance, as well as computer purchases

formerly, the Evergreen Spina Bifida Association