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Recently, we had the opportunity to trial some of innovative, discreet catheters by Coloplast. Their newly launched line, SpeediCath Compact Set, offers the most compact catheter and bag set available today. For females, there’s even a catheter the size of a lipstick! You can’t miss this opportunity to sample and discover what SpeediCath is solution is best for you. See below for more information and how to receive complementary samples.

We asked Coloplast, why SpeediCath? Here’s what they said:

Coloplast’s SpeediCath intermittent catheters are the only pre-hydrated, instantly ready-to-use hydrophilic, “water lubricated” option available. SpeediCath products come in a variety of options and are reimbursed the same as uncoated catheters. Research shows that 93% of users prefer hydrophilic catheters over uncoated catheters.

SpeediCath Compact Female

         Single use, instant hydrophilic coated catheters

         No extra water, waiting or gel required

         SpeediCath Compact female offers the most discreet option for women

SpeediCath Compact Set

         The only compact and discreet catheter with an integrated and sterile bag

         A unique hydrophilic coating for easy use

         Designed for no-touch insertion

         Available in both female and male lengths

Here's the information to trial SpeediCath catheters for free! 1-800-403-0027 or go to west.us.coloplast.com or http://www.coloplast.us/Home/

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