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formerly, the Evergreen Spina Bifida Association

Fotheringham, who was born with Spina Bifida, mastered the back flip on July 13, 2006, in his hometown of Las Vegas. While looking for compelling footage for this year's campaign, the HowStuffWorks.com team found Fotheringham's footage, felt it embodied the spirit of the site and was compelled to help tell Aaron's story.

In addition to the commercial, Aaron also tells the world how the wheelchair back flip came to be on the site. For the summer campaign, HowStuffWorks.com also partnered with the Spina Bifida Association to drive awareness and donations to the organization.

"Aaron's achievements are an example of overcoming life's challenges and soaring to amazing heights -- literally," said Cindy Brownstein, president and chief executive officer of SBA. "He is one of the over 180,000 individuals living with Spina Bifida in this country for whom the SBA actively provides programs and support services in hopes of a better tomorrow. We're thrilled that the HowStuffWorks.com campaign captures Aaron's tremendous spirit while bringing greater understanding to Spina Bifida"

Watch Aaron’s back flip at http://adventure.howstuffworks.com/outdoor-activities/urban-sports/wheelchair-backflip.htm.

HowStuffWorks.com Campaign Proves Determination and Curiosity

More Powerful than Gravity

ATLANTA - July 22, 2009 - HowStuffWorks.com teamed up with Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham, the first person to perform a back flip in a wheelchair and also the inventor of hardcore sitting, for the return of the highly acclaimed "Keep Asking" campaign. This year's campaign [was] designed to demonstrate the power of determination and curiosity, while encouraging people to get smarter.