Ruth Hayes-Short, Past-President

I have spent 40+ years in a variety of educational leadership positions. I spent many years as a Director of Special Education and principal of numerous elementary schools. I spent the most recent years of my career as President and Executive Director of a unique nonprofit school and program in the Seattle area. In addition, I am the parent of an adopted son who was born addicted to several drugs and required many intense services and much support in his younger years. As a result of my passion, years of professional work, advocacy for my son, and variety of experiences, I have the rare ability to look at educational issues and concerns regarding children/families from a wide array of perspectives. I am an expert in facilitating peaceful discussion and resolution of disputes/disagreements among parents, school personnel, and professionals. I have also worked tirelessly to develop creative, effective and successful educational options for students. Over my 36 years working in Washington, I have become very knowledgeable of the many public and private schools and programs available in the Puget Sound area. I have supported many families in determining and negotiating the most effective school placement for their child. I am originally from Ohio, and completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan. I completed graduate studies and post masters work at Wayne State University, Columbia University, and Seattle Pacific University. I have served on boards of several nonprofit organizations serving children with needs, and also continue to consult with schools and organizations.

Term Ends: 2022

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