• Our Mission

    To advocate for everyone in the State of Washington affected by Spina Bifida by providing support, events, outreach and public awareness.

  • Our Vision

    The SBAWS envisions a world in which people born with Spina Bifida experience rich and personally fulfilling lives, and their individual choices are not influenced by Spina Bifida.

    They thrive in a barrier-free world that offers ready access to an array of effective treatment options and uniformly excellent medical care. As professed in our motto, “Together We Make the Difference,” we will foster effective collaboration between our communities, medical professionals, and all those affected by Spina Bifida.

    We believe that our children are our future leaders and it is important we instill leadership traits in them so they can be determined to pursue their goals.

  • But Why?

    Because every person born with Spina Bifida should have equal opportunity to live life being included and involved with their peers while also being embraced by a community of people who understand and empathize with the unique challenges of living a lifetime with a permanently disabling birth defect. Most important of all, we recognize that our kids are tomorrows leaders, we want to instill strong leadership traits in them to benefit their future.

  • About Spina Bifida

    The effects of Spina Bifida are different for every person. Up to 90% of children with the most severe form of Spina Bifida have hydrocephalus (excess fluid build-up on the brain) and must have surgery to insert a “shunt” that reduces the pressure on the brain and helps drain the fluid. The shunt stays in place for the lifetime of the person. Other conditions can include full/partial paralysis, bladder and bowel control difficulties, learning disabilities such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (A.D.H.D.) and hand-eye coordination, depression, latex allergy and social and sexual issues.

  • Dedicated to Awareness

    We offer many different resources to the public:
    ♦ Cluster Support Groups
    ♦ The Evergreen Newsletter
    ♦ Our website here
    ♦ Toll-free help line 1-888-289-3702
    ♦ Social Events
    ♦ New Parent Packets
    ♦ Educational Scholarships
    ♦ Direct Aid Reimbursement
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